Dr. Jiří Novák

Dr. Jiří Novák

Jiří Novák is a Professor of Applied Physics and the member of the Applied Optics Group at CTU in Prague. He is also a Head of pedagogical committee of Optics and Optometry study programme at CTU.

Dr. J.Novák has authored or coauthored over 150 journal and conference proceedings papers (more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed international journals) and he is author or co-author of three textbooks in applied physics and computer modeling. Dr. Novák is a member of the Optical Society of America, the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) and European Optical Society (EOS). He is an associated professor of Applied Physics at Czech Technical University in Prague, he gives lectures in bachelor, master and PhD study programme in physics, applied optics, lasers and modern physics, optics for biomedicine, optics for optometrists and microscopy at two faculties (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering). Currently, he is the Head of pedagogical committee of Optics and optometry at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of CTU.  He was granted by Hlavka’s Prize in 2001 and he participated successfully on more than 10 research projects in Czech Republic (Czech Science Foundation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry). In last ten years his work was mainly focused on the area of optical metrology, especially phase retrieval problem in optics (interferometry, wavefront sensing), and analysis of optical systems and their optical design. He was also a member of scientific committees of four international conferences (SPIE, OSA) and an organizer of more than 8 conferences.

Research interests

  • phase evaluation in optical interferometry
  • wavefront sensing
  • phase retrieval in optics
  • optometry
  • physiological optics
  • aberration theory
  • adaptive optics
  • analysis and synthesis of optical systems
  • theory of optical imaging
  • optical industrial metrology
  • topography measurements
  • optical interferometry
  • non-destructive defectoscopy
  • computer modelling in optics


Full Professor of Applied Physics, CTU in Prague
09/14 – present

Associate Professor of Applied Physics, CTU in Prague
03/08 – 09/14

Assistant Professor of Applied Physics, CTU in Prague
06/02 – 02/08

Research Assistant, CTU in Prague
09/01 – 05/02


Ph.D. in Physical and Material Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague, June2002
Advisor: Prof. A. Mikš
Thesis: Methods for phase evaluation in interferometry for shape and deformation measurements

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