Syllabus AJ2 / Syllabus for English, course code 104YC2A


Winter semester of the 2020/2021 academic year

Study materials: Professional English for Civil Engineering, H. Horká, S. Giormani, P. Martincová, R. Nivenová

Requirements for granting the credit:

  • Participation in (on-line) classes, minimally 1 oral presentation
  • Submitting written assignments (minimally 1 essay plus potential other assignments)
  • Passing a credit test – written contact test on paper or an on-line version

Requirements for the examination:

  • Getting the credit for the course
  • English skills covering the content of the above study material are subject of a written and oral test, potentially modified for the on-line format

Course plan:

Week 1

Unit 6: Lead-in, Reading comprehension: Sustainable Transportation p. 83-86, Grammar: Relative clauses

Week 2

Unit 6: Vocabulary development p. 87, Bridges p. 88-90, Listening: Innovative Design for a Pedestrian Crossing

Week 3:

Unit 6: Tunnels p. 90-91, Review, Unit 7: Lead-in, Reading comprehension: Management p. 100-102

Week 4:

Unit 7: Vocabulary development p. 103-107, Listening p. 108, Review

Week 5:

Grammar: Dependent prepositions, Unit 8: Lead-in, Reading comprehension: London Flooding p. 116-117, Dams p. 118-120

Week 6:

Unit 8: Vocabulary development p. 121-124, Listening: Embankment Dams p. 124-125, Review

Week 7:

Grammar: Patterns using infinitives, Unit 9: Lead-in, Reading comprehension p. 133-136

Week 8:

Grammar: Modal verbs, Unit 9: Vocabulary development p. 137-141

Week 9:

Unit 9: Listening: The World’s Greenest Museum by Renzo Piano, Review, Unit 10: Lead-in, Reading comprehension: What is Surveying p. 150-151

Week 10:

Unit 10: Vocabulary development p. 152-155, Maps p. 156-159

Week 11:

Unit 10: Listening: Photogrammetry, Review, Grammar: Word formation

Week 12: Review

Note: Student presentations on topical issues discussed during the lessons are part of each lesson starting from Week 2.